Vic Higgs Golf Tournament

Major Fundraiser. One of The Heart Foundation of Jamaica's major fundraising event is the annual Vic Higgs Golf Tournament. The late Vic Higgs had served on the Board of the Foundation for many years and was well known in golfing circles, having assisted the Jamaica Tourist Board in the staging of the Johnny Walker World Golf Tournament. The Tournament was started in 1992 when the Friends of the Foundation as well as enthusiastic golfers decided that a Tournament bearing Mr. Higgs' name would be appropriate to keep his memory alive.


Thus began the Vics Higs Memorial Golf Memorial Tournament- an event that over the years has enjoyed overwhelming support from the golfing fraternity.This event is held the third Saturday in March each year.  



“ Simply Red” -  Wine and Food Festival

Major Fundraiser. An exciting display of culinary delights showcasing the best of local and international chefs. This signature fundraising event, boasts over 60 booths.Funds raised from this event are used for The Heart Foundation's continued fight against heart disease in Jamaica.Companies with heart healthy products are invited to participate and showcase them to the patrons.


“ Simply Red” is held on the last Friday in September every year. If you would like to be a booth holder at this very popular event please contact



Run For Your Heart (Fund Run)


Major Fundraiser. The Heart Health Fund Run is the largest annual event of the Foundation, garnering support and participation of schools, companies and individuals in the corporate area. As heart disease is still the main cause of death in Jamaica, the Heart Health Fund Run continues to highlight the benefits of exercise as an important part of a healthy lifestyle and we anticipate that your endorsement of this event will help to re-enforce this fact.